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Denise Stephani Choreography History

“BE - SEE - WHY?”  - BCY season, Wits University Theatre, also tour to Reunion, where it received standing ovations and rave reviews. Vita nomination. 

PIECES OF PIECES 1, 2 & 3 - Art’s Alive BCY season, chosen for the Art’s Alive Highlights, 2 Vita nominations, and one award

SOLACE  - Pretoria Technikon, Breytenbach Theatre 

WUSHE’S LAMENT AND BACK OF THE MOON - Choreography assistant to Mzonke Jama – CAPAB Ballet Co.

KISS THE SKY – Pick of the Fringe – Grahamstown Festival

DANCES ON THE ELYSIAN FIELDS -Wits University Music Department, Great Hall

LOVE IS A KILLING THING - Johannesburg Dance Foundation, Wits University Theatre and the B.A.T.  Centre, Durban. Statement about how society is ignoring the problem of rape.       

PRIMARY COLOURS - Art’s Alive BCY season, Dance Factory

OF ME THAT DIED TONIGHT - Art’s Alive BCY season, Dance Factory.  Chosen to represent South Africa for the first time in the Paris, Bagnolet Choreographic Competition, the largest in Europe.  Statement against Rape.  Part of the BCY Artists Against Crime Project.

TRICOLORE - commissioned by Jean-Claude Mousset for the launch of the Beaujolais Nouveau Wine launch, 1997.

HI-TEK  - commissioned by Hi-Tek, London, for summer launch at Chiavelli’s Estate, Hyde Park.

CORPORATE CACOPHONY - co-choreographed with Christopher Kindo, performed at Wits University Theatre and St. Denis and Le Tampon Theatres, Reunion.

POEM FROM THE INNER CHILD - Commissioned for the Dance Factory Solo Festival.  Statement on how crime and violence are affecting children.

UNIVERSAL SONG - Dance Umbrella, Wits University Theatre


Also in 1997 and 1998:- 

Resident choreographer and staging for all the Johannesburg Youth Theatre Productions for Joyce Levinsohn.

Regular staging and choreography for MCE, Louis Fouche, working with 3 Tenors and a Diva, Wendy Oldfield, etc.

Associate choreographer for Itsotseng Production Company.

Choreography for children for the ESKOM Anniversary celebrations, and the Africa 
Education Presidential Award at Nelson Mandela’s Estate 1997 and 1998.

Commissioned solos for Dianna Moore Free-style Champions.

Corporate choreography for Blue Moon Production Company.

Nominated for the FNB Vita Choreographic Grant. 

Choreographic Workshop for the Bartel Arts Trust in Durban.


United Kingdom 2007-2012:- 

Choreographic work for West Lothian Arts Council in Citizenship and Dance Project, Dance Factory, Generation Arts and Higher Dance, BYCIA Dance & Mixed Media.  

Denise Stephani pirouettes

Career Awards:-

Cambridge & Worldwide Recognition of Achievement 2011 and VIP of the Year 2012

Royal Academy of Dance Solo Seal Award

FNB Vita Award for Most Outstanding Dancer in Contemporary Style 1996 (renominated 1997 & 1998)

TASA [now SPi] International Vision of Top Talent Award 1997

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