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Letters to Mandela book front coverLetters to Mandela by Denise Stephani
Only available here.
Award Winning

Signed Print Copy £9.99 + postage
eBook £4.99

In the Wings book front coverIn the Wings - Trials and Transformation of the Alien Ballerina by Denise Stephani

Available from £9.99 at FastPrint Publishing and at Amazon
Kindle version available £5.65 at Amazon

Signed Print Copy only available here £19.99 + postage

Kidz Mandela book front coverKidz Mandela by Denise Stephani

Only available in Kindle version: £3.09 at Amazon

Po'tree, Proze & Pix book front coverPo'tree, Proze & Pix by Denise Stephani

Only available in Kindle version: £1.99 at Amazon


Denise aged 5 in ballet outfitDonations to BYCIA Children's Fund

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