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Vincent Hantam flierThe Power of Dance Project

This is an exciting initiative by Denise Stephani, designed for Scottish and International community and audiences.

As well as presenting her own story of survival and success despite life challenges, this project also showcases the career of dance artist Vincent Hantam. It is a vital contribution to audiences through Social Engagement and Education.

This project involves two films covering the careers and inspiring survival stories of Denise Stephani and Vincent Hantam, as well as an educational resource book called 'Letters to Mandela', which includes writing and art from children in South Africa and Scotland.

Vincent's Story

Liberating himself from poverty and Apartheid through his passion for Ballet, Vincent became the first African dance artist in Scotland, where he proved to be an excellent cultural ambassador. Wowing Scottish and International audiences for decades, Vincent continues to enrich Scottish culture as a respected and historical figure through mentorship and teaching.

In his journey through life, Vincent has been faced with many challenges. From his childhood in South Africa, and then evolving into adulthood in Scotland, Vincent has overcome huge obstacles but still managed to cultivate his career and developed into a contributing citizen and truly delightful character.

Vincent has recently been appointed Dance Artist in Residence at The University of Edinburgh. More information and a film clip of his inauguration is available here.

The Power of Dance Project opens a gateway for discussion, covering topics such as:-
  • History (cross-cultural/Apartheid) 
  • Cultural Awareness 
  • Challenges the perception of Ballet in classist society 
  • Career and life of Vincent Hantam 
  • Arts as a tool for uplifting and enriching lives, tying in with the principles of the Curriculum for Excellence 
Scottish-based director/choreographer/writer Denise Stephani, Vincent Hantam and Agnes Ness (MA Hons) combine to create a filmed documentary, choreography, and 'An Evening with Vincent Hantam' event.

More about this project can be found at Royal Bank of Scotland's Community Force.
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