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Denise in 2012 became a Member of the Board of Directors and an Advisor to OABI (Organization for Abused and Battered Individuals). She joins Sherna Benjamin (Founder and CEO), and other Directors Michelle K. Sydney, Karinna Alexander, Dr Mary Jo Odum-Dull, as well as Secretary Josephine Bando.

OABI is “The place where global voices unite against abuse and domestic violence. Breaking the silence is not a popular choice but it is the right choice. Get educated; get informed. For friends do not let friends harm others.” 

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Denise was interviewed in October 2012 for OABI's Beyond Abuse Radio on 'Healing through Creativity - Movement and Dance'. The interviewer was Misa Leonessa, a USA-based radio presenter, professional speaker and life coach.  You can listen to and download it here (Denise is introduced at around 18 minutes of the 64 minute show).

Denise was also extensively featured in the December 2012 issue of the O.A.B.I. Voices United magazine on pages 96-121 (to reach it quickly: hover your pointer over the dashed bar at the bottom of the screen, get '80-99' to appear and click that segment, then hover the pointer  over the thumbnail pages, find '96-97' and click).

OABI Mission Statement

OABI is a not-for-profit organization, legally registered with the Ministry of Legal Affairs Companies Registrar in Trinidad and Tobago. It is Company # 01111 (95) and Company ID # 1463939. Their telephone/fax is: 1 868 667 3751. Their mobile number is: 1 868 763 2576. Email details. Their address is: #18 A Jim Baksh Street, Malibar Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Website details.

OABI is embarking on some wonderful projects. However, we are looking for sponsors to assist us with our programs so that these projects will be brought to life. Our projects are as follows and further details about each project can be submitted to you upon request:

  • Documentary series: highlighting the social plague of domestic violence and abuse, child abuse, human trafficking, and bullying. A documentary project of this magnitude has not been done before as it will be a global documentary - abuse is not country-specific. Bringing together victims, advocates, organizations, professionals, religious leaders, government officials, and the public from various countries.
  • A 24 hour Rescue and Life Enrichment Center, which will have various creativity programs: a second-chance program to help victims heal and overcome their trauma and pain, such creativity programs as Art, Music, Photography, Film, Dance, Drama Therapy, Painting, Computer, Animations, and so much more. There is no 24 hour center within Trinidad and Tobago or the Caribbean.

As an organization we are asking you to help us by financially donating towards the documentary project or by asking persons to make a contribution. The first phase is carded to begin January 5th 2013. The estimated cost of the documentary project is £12,000 (UK pounds). For this project we have some national and international Professionals who have made a commitment and are offering their services for free, however we need to cover travelling cost and all the other cost for the documentary.

We also need to get the equipment and the finances for the pre-production, production, and post-production and distribution stages. This documentary series upon its completion will be submitted to international film festivals including Trinidad and Tobago. It will also be screened in Britain and the USA.

This project is necessary for public awareness, prevention, and action persons need to see and hear the reality of abuse, way too many persons are being brutalized and their lives damaged because of child abuse, rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, and bullying.

In making your decision to sponsor financially, and or a piece of equipment for this project, please be assured that your contribution would certainly help to make this project the success that it ought to be.

Thank you in advance for your benevolence and compassion.

For more information on the documentary and OABI projects, see here

These projects are in alignment with the V-Day Mission and V-Day One Billion Rising Campaign and events are planned. 

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