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Denise Stephani Media Archive:-

Scholarship to Spain Screen Writer's Retreat 2016
Denise Stephani was offered a scholarship to a Spain Screen Writer's Retreat. See here.

Comedy Screenwriting BAFTA Bursary 2016
Denise Stephani received a bursary from BAFTA for Comedy Screenwriting. See here.

Screenwriting The Impact 50 Finalist 2016
Spirit Level by Denise Stephani was one of the finalists. See here.

Screenwriting Goldmine Quarter Finalist 2015-2016
Girl in a Box is a screenplay by Denise Stephani that is a Quarter Finalist in the Screenwriting Goldmine annual competition. More info here.

Poets of the Year 2016
Denise Stephani is one of the United Press Poets of the Year 2016. More on this here.

WILDsound Best of Poetry 2015
A Kinda Life is a poem by Denise Stephani that is part of WILDsound's best of poetry from all over the world in 2015. It was written for Malala and all the women and girls in the Gender War.

United Press Top Ten Writers of 2015
Denise Stephani is one of the United Press Top Ten Writers of 2015. Denise is once again delighted to have been honoured with the recognition of her writing and poetry. Learn more here.

United Press Women Writers of 2014
Denise Stephani is one of the United Press Women Writers of 2014. Denise is delighted to have been honoured with the recognition of her writing and poetry. More info here.

Just Festival Film Festival 2014
After various short domestic violence films, activist and author Denise Stephani was interviewed by domestic violence expert and police officer Lynsay Claxton. This was part of a Just Festival Q&A Session. More info here and here.

Linlithgow Gazette
'Denise steps out to tackle violence' newspaper article in the Linlithgow Gazette, 17 May 2013. See here and Linlithgow Gazette website

O.A.B.I. Voices United

Denise Stephani was extensively featured in the December 2012 issue of the O.A.B.I. Voices United magazine on pages 96-121 (to reach it quickly: hover your pointer over the dashed bar at the bottom of the screen, get '80-99' to appear and click that segment, then hover the pointer  over the thumbnail pages, find '96-97' and click).

Beyond Abuse Radio
Denise Stephani was interviewed in October 2012 for OABI's Beyond Abuse Radio on 'Healing through Creativity - Movement and Dance'. The interviewer was Misa Leonessa, a USA-based radio presenter, professional speaker and life coach.  You can listen to and download it here (Denise is introduced at around 18 minutes of the 64 minute show).

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