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Scholarship to Spain Screen Writer's Retreat 2016
Denise Stephani was offered a scholarship to a Spain Screen Writer's Retreat. See here.

Comedy Screenwriting BAFTA Bursary 2016
Denise Stephani received a bursary from BAFTA for Comedy Screenwriting. See here.

Screenwriting The Impact 50 Finalist 2016
Spirit Level by Denise Stephani was one of the finalists. See here.

Screenwriting Goldmine Quarter Finalist 2015-2016
Girl in a Box is a screenplay by Denise Stephani that is a Quarter Finalist in the Screenwriting Goldmine annual competition. More info here.

Just Festival Film Festival 2014
After various short domestic violence films, activist and author Denise Stephani was interviewed by domestic violence expert and police officer Lynsay Claxton. This was part of a Just Festival Q&A Session. More info here and here.

The Perfect Fit
Denise Stephani was the featured ballerina in The Perfect Fit. This BBC/SDI documentary was one of only eight films shortlisted in 2013 for an Oscar in the category 'Documentary Short Subject'.
IMDb entry is here.

The Power of Dance Project with Vincent Hantam
This project involves two films covering the careers and inspiring survival stories of Denise Stephani and Vincent Hantam, as well as an educational resource book 'Letters to Mandela', which includes writing and art from children in South Africa and Scotland.

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