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Breaking the Code of Silence 

(Removing the Veil) - A Documentary Series

Research has shown that persons are moved to act when they see the images and hear the cries and plights of persons who have been brutalized in one way or the other; it has shown that persons feel the joy when they see others express their joy.

This documentary series will be one which has not been done before; with this series we will show the real faces of domestic violence and abuse and how it damages the individual and their mind.  It will show the brutality for what it is, it will show the pain of victims and we hear from professionals who have to counsel, and help these victims.

We will not just be focusing on one country but on various countries across the globe which will include Britain, USA, and Canada. We will be breaking the code of silence and unmasking the veil. We also aim to go into the prisons to hear from prisoners who have been convicted of committing abuse.  

We will be speaking with clergy, heads of governmental and non-governmental agencies and we cannot forget the man on the street. This part will be done in community forums where we hear what the man on the ground has to say about the problem and the solutions for the problem.

We will also be highlighting the the importance of health and diet in the healing process will be showing the importance of creative therapy in the form of dance, art, music, film, poetry, writing etc. and how important these creative programs are to help victims heal.

Beauty is also a pivotal part in the recovery process. Many victims feel unloved and ugly. They believe that they are not beautiful. We will also be incorporating the program “beauty with a purpose in this documentary” and this program will also be a part of the life enrichment centre.

The names of a few persons who will be working on this documentary:

Jane Ryan

Jane Ryan is a professional Executive Producer/Director she has directed and produced many documentaries and is also an award winning film and documentary script writer. Jane lives in Nebraska USA

Her latest independent film call "THE BOARDER" with well known actors from Hollywood such as Ms. Dee Wallace, Andy Scott Harris, Leslie Stevens, Carlton Wilborn just to name a few, which is receiving a huge amount of success as it is being premiered in the US. Here is a link to the Trailer of her recent movie which is based on true life events as it shows a child who has RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder).

Ms. Ryan has committed to working with us on this documentary project and is very excited to begin.  One of her award winning books titled "Broken Spirits Lost Souls" was on the publisher's best sellers list for a very long time and the foreword was written by Foster W. Cline, M.D., world renowned expert on attachment difficulties.

She is a specialist who deals with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). This disorder affects children who have passed through pain, separation, trauma, neglect, or some type of abuse which happened to the child in utero or as a young child, and some children have it mild, moderate and severe.

Denise Stephani

Denise lives in Scotland, is a social activist international dancer, accomplished author, founder of her own dance and mixed media company, and choreographer. She has used her research skills and professionalism in helping persons and organizations with documentaries in the past. Denise is a pivotal member of this documentary crew and is also a director and adviser for our organization.

Denise will also be assisting us with the 24 hour and life enrichment center when it is established. She has numerous awards and titles under her belt but the best title of all is the heart of compassion which she has. Denise and her network have been nominated in the past for the "NOBEL PEACE PRIZE" for the work she has selflessly done in South Africa and other countries with abused children and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Denise Stephani recently launched her memoir "In the Wings - Trials and Transformation of the Alien Ballerina". It is available to order from here. A documentary film featuring Denise about the ballet world, one which she also helped research and develop was shortlisted for the Oscars nomination of February 2013!


Mr. Robert Syslo, from Solace Film and Photography in Los Angeles, California is an Editor, Cinematographer, Digital Colourist, Photographer. You can view a few clips of his work here:  

CARSON the documentary overcoming Cerebral Palsy 

Author Profile - Jay Taylor "Point of Aim Point of Impact"

UNM's Graduate Student & Professional Association

First Takings Color Correction

Transit Teaser Trailer 1

From Trinidad and Tobago: The Digital Film Institute members and Crew.

At the end of the documentary it will be submitted to international film festivals and also at the film festival in Trinidad and Tobago and the documentary will be screened and in Trinidad and Tobago, Britain, and the US. 

What persons who donate receive: 

Sponsor or sponsors will have their company name/logo placed clearly on the backdrop of all banners for the screenings and showing of the documentary and also will be clearly defined on the documentary itself letting the public know that this documentary series was made possible by.......

1. A charitable receipt for their donation so they can use it for their personal records or for tax purposes as we are a fully recognized non-profit organization registered with the ministry of Legal affairs and companies registrar and the office of the Attorney General.

2. Their name or their organizations name placed in the documentary and also on the packaging as a sponsor of the documentary.

3. First viewing option of the finished product and three copies of the finished product before it is screened and distributed to the public and the international community.

4. Full acknowledgment at all public and media events.

5. The satisfaction of knowing that they have done something to help heal humanity and expose the darkness of domestic violence and abuse.

6. A certificate of thanks.

7. Step by step updates and video snippets of the documentary as it progress.

8. The sponsor or sponsors Logo prominently displayed on all our flyers, cards, banners, T-shirts, and on our website and continually shown on all our Facebook pages and blogs will also be mentioned in all our online radio shows using an advertising two minute audio clip submitted by the sponsor.

Thank you very much for your kindness and support in this matter.

Sherna Benjamin 

O.A.B.I. Founder and CEO 

(O.A.B.I. = Organization for Abused and Battered Individuals)


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