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Kidz Mandela book front coverKidz Mandela is a children's book created by Denise Stephani with beautiful drawings and letters from youth in South Africa and Scotland, dedicated to Nelson Mandela on his 95th birthday in 2013 and to the 20th anniversary in 2014 of the ending of Apartheid. It celebrates the global peace effort to end Apartheid in South Africa. This book contains beautiful letters, drawings and poetry from children in South Africa and Scotland on the topic of ongoing Peace Efforts.

Publication Date: 2013.
Pages: 75.

Available only in Kindle format from Amazon UK (£3.09) &
Look inside the book by clicking on its image at Amazon!

Here are some extracts from the book:

World Peace drawing by Bethany

Butterfly Fairy Trapped in Wall drawing

Everyone can be friends drawing

Mixed Race Girl drawing

Stop Fighting letter to Nelson Mandela

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