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Denise Stephani Detailed Biography

Denise was born in South Africa at the time of the Apartheid regime. At the age of two, Denise told her mother that she was going to be a "barrelina" (= ballerina). Despite years of abuse, she went on to excel in dance. Aged 18 she achieved the coveted
Royal Academy of Dance Solo Seal Award. She worked for many years with PACT Ballet Company, then CAPAB Ballet. Also: BOPAC (Bophutaswana Dance Company under the directorship of David Krugel), Free Flight Dance Company, and Johannesburg Dance Foundation.

Denise has long been known for her flowing dance style and electric stage presence. In 1996 she won the FNB Vita Award for 'Most Outstanding Female Dancer in Contemporary Style' - a top theatre award in South Africa.  This led to a sponsorship by a French advertising company 'Vizen' that enabled her to start her own company 'BCY'.

She has guested with the Amber Beatty Freestyle Company, performed at Sun City Superbowl, been an 'FNB Vita Awards' Judge (2000-2003), had appearances in films and adverts, and performed on stage (as a featured dancer) with Mango Groove, Amampondo, and with Johnny Clegg of Savuka/Juluka at the 50th United Nations Anniversary celebrations in South Africa.

Denise and her Scottish ex-husband spent some years building (2000-2004) then running a magical guesthouse and youth counselling and healing centre in Cape Town called Butterfly Haven Castle, adding to the rich Scottish heritage of global philanthropy. In 2007 the family relocated to Scotland as a result of various factors including the pervasiveness of violent crime. She has worked as a dance teacher privately and for West Lothian Council in various projects, from schools (Dance Factory) to retirement homes (Generation Arts) to dance for abuse survivors (Survivarts). She has also worked at the Dunblane Centre teaching Pilates and dance.

Click here for Denise's Choreography History.
Go here for Denise in the media.
Her personal life journey is told in The Venus Rising Trilogy.

Denise Stephani en pointe
Denise Stephani's work and research has taken her to 37 countries including:-
  • Holland
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Namibia
  • Mozambique
  • Reunion
  • Seychelles
  • Mauritius
  • Madagascar
  • Singapore
  • Australia 
  • Turkey
  • Egypt 
  • and more

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